Welcome to the home of the RNZAF Golfing Society

Welcome to the New Zealand Air Force Golfing Society website. We are a bunch of serving and ex-serving air force golf players who love to get together each year and enjoy each other’s company on the golf course. If you have ever played golf in the New Zealand Air Force, get in touch with us in the community forum and become a part of this society.

A yearly tournament brings us together

Each year (usually the first week of November) we get together and compete in a 3 day tournament. The tournament is setup to cater everyone, no matter the ability and ensures a great time among friends. Check out our tournament page to find out more details.

Visit the Community page for news and discussions

Join our community and have your say. Find out about what is happening in the regions and how you can be a part of the fun in our news blogs. Keep in contact with each other in the forums as you prepare for next meeting. If you have any questions, here is a great place to ask them and find answers.

Gallery of previous tournaments available online

Check out the gallery page to see photo’s from previous tournaments. Have a look at the photo’s and see is you can find yourself or someone you may know.

Other pages you will find around this site include a Past winners page and a upcoming tournament participants page. To find out more about types of membership, visit the membership page.